T16 Guide Lead Screw, Length 1000mm

T16 Guide Lead Screw, Length 1000mm

Price: $3.10Sku: FA10052
Product Introduction

T16 Guide Lead Screw,Length 1000mm

Main applications: linear optical axis is widely used in automatic transmission devices, such as: industrial robots, automatic recorders, computers, precision printers, automatic plastic wood machines and other industrial automatic machines.At the same time, due to its rigidity, it can also extend the service life of ordinary precision instruments.

Material: 45 #

Hardness: HRC58 plus or minus 2 (Gcr15: HRC60 + 2)

Accuracy: g6

Finish: 0.6-0.8

Hard with: 0.8 to 0.3 mm

Outer diameter: 6 to 60

Grade length: determined according to customer requirements

Straightness: 1000mm not more than 0.1

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