pcb heat bed mk2b red

pcb heat bed mk2b red

Price: $2.71Sku: FA10090
Product Introduction

pcb heat bed mk2b red

Product Parameters:

Product name: MK2b hot bed

Product material: PCB board

Voltage resistance: 12V: 1-202/24V :3-4.50

Product size: 214mm*214mm

Heating area: 200mm* 200mm

Color structure: red FR-4 single panel, single side wiring, back side smooth note: compatibility of PCB hot bed, support 12V/24V power supply

Function is introduced

Functions and USES: Hot bed for 3D heating printing platform to prevent model warping

Working principle: Warping is a phenomenon that the bottom layer of the model and the printing platform are not tightly bound because the hot model meets the cooling shrinkage of the cold printing platform material. The warping degree is also different with different shrinkage rates of different materials (generally ABS is more obvious than PLA material).By heating the hot bed, the printing platform can be stabilized close to the model temperature of fresh extrusion, effectively preventing the warping phenomenon caused by uneven shrinkage of precooled material in the printing process.

Recommended setting temperature for hot bed: PLA:60-70 DEGREES ABS:105-110 degrees

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