6550 DIY laser cutting machine 65 * 50

6550 DIY laser cutting machine 65 * 50

Price: $98.57Sku: FA9009
Product Introduction

6550 DIY laser cutting machine 65 * 50

Parameter description:

Carved area: 500MM*650MM

Laser power: 2500MW / 5500 MW / 15000 MW

Laser power supply: 12 V (optional switch)

Input voltage: 12V

Accuracy: 0.1mm

Main features: low positioning lamp, viewing engraving, grayscale engraving, sculpting outline, solid engraving

Advantages of the product:

1. Software power adjustment, supporting 500 MW /2500 MW /5500 MW / 10000 MW / 15000 MW

2. Quick replacement of laser head design + up and down adjustable focal length design

3, all aluminum + thick acrylic production, the appearance of high while more stable.

4. Easy to use software, free upgrade for life.

5. Dual motor design is more lightweight and accurate.

6, the height of the sculpture object is unlimited, can be placed directly on the work * (such as directly placed on the table carving desktop)

7. Deliver the spare parts. After receiving the goods, you need to assemble them by yourself before using them.

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