405nm 500mw Laser Head

405nm 500mw Laser Head

Price: $22.27Sku: FA9013
Product Introduction

405nm 500mw Laser Head


Wave length: 405 nm

Power: 500 mw

Spot mode: spotty

Current: <2A Input voltage: DC 12V AC

Operating temperature: 10-40 degrees

External dimension: 33mm*55mm(adjustable focus)

TTL: 0-2.5 – V

2.5 v to 5 v

Note: There is also a laser with external TTL board. If necessary, please contact customer service.

Can carve the following materials: wood, some plastics, paper, bamboo, ox horn, thin leather (wallet), rubber seal, photosensitive seal, printing paper (mainly used for carving, but few materials can be cut), sponge paper and other materials that are easy to burn.

Can not carve the following materials: metal (regardless of thickness), stone, ceramics, jewelry jade, reflective materials, transparent glass, ivory, colorless transparent materials, some white plastic (generally very smooth plastic is difficult to carve)

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