UU9. 8 10MH Inductance

UU9. 8 10MH Inductance

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Product Introduction

UU9. 8 10MH Inductance

Product Parameters:

Inductance has the characteristics of small size, convenient winding, low price and high reliability

1. It has the characteristics of high Q value and low impedance.

2, the inductance winding differential mode, eliminate the inductance generation of the choke.3. Good soldering property of end surface strength.

4. High saturation, that is, good superposition performance of current;The product is lead-free,

5. Small size, low side, save space and power

It is widely used in common mode filter inductance, drive transformer, mutual inductance of current, etc.

Product name :Common mode inductance filter

Working frequency:20 KHZ ^ 500 KHZ

Working temperature:40 ° C to + 125 ° C

Storage temperature:25 ° C to + 85 ° C

Store humidity:30 ~ 90%.

Wire diameter:0.2 mm / 0.27 mm / 0.35 mm / 0.37 mm

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