MP3-TF-16P MP3 Disk TF Card Module Serial Port

MP3-TF-16P MP3 Disk TF Card Module Serial Port

Price: $1.11Sku: FA2009
Product Introduction

MP3-TF-16P MP3 Disk TF Card Module Serial Port


  • 1, support the sampling rate (KHz) : 8/11.025/12/16/22 05/24/32/44.1/48
  • 2, 24 bits DAC output dynamic range support: 90 db, SNR support: 85 db
  • 3, fully support the FAT16, FAT32 file system, the largest support 32 gb TF card, support 32 gb usb flash drive, 64 m byte NORFLASH
  • 4, a variety of optional control mode. IO control, serial port, AD button control mode
  • 5, radio call waiting function, there is background music can be suspended. Advertising is back in the background continue to play
  • 6, audio data according to the folder, maximum 100 folders, every folder can be allocated 255 tracks
  • Class 7, 30 volume is adjustable, 6 EQ is adjustable


  • 1, vehicle-mounted navigation speech
  • 2, highway transportation inspection, toll station voice prompt
  • 3, railway station, bus station security check voice prompt
  • 4, electric power, telecommunication, finance, business hall voice prompt
  • 5, vehicle into and out of channel to verify voice prompt
  • 6, * * voice prompt frontier inspection channels
  • 7, multi-channel voice alarm or equipment operation guide voice
  • 8, electric sightseeing car security speech notices
  • 9, electrical and mechanical equipment failure alarm automatically
  • 10, fire fighting voice alarm prompt
  • 11, automatic broadcasting equipment, broadcast regularly

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