USB Current Voltage ammeter Tester

USB Current Voltage ammeter Tester

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Product Introduction

USB Current Voltage ammeter Tester

USB Current Voltage Charging Detector Battery Voltmeter Ammeter USB Tester with LED Display

Bullet Point:

Simultaneous display of voltage and current data for easy viewing.
Can detect multiple power supply output voltages and currents.
Can easily measure the operating current of the output voltage of the USB port and equipment.
With precision current calibration, current accuracy is higher (it has been calibrated at the time of shipment).
Small size, no power and other ancillary equipment, plug and play, suitable for factories, laboratory users.

Input / output voltage 3V-9V
Voltage resolution: 0.01V
Input / output current: 0A-5A (see the range of use 0-3A)
Current resolution: 0.01A
Accuracy: plus or minus 1%
Line loss: about 0.1 ohm
Test content: voltage, current,
Communication function: Yes
Data calibration function: Yes

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