TEC1-12715 40*40mm

TEC1-12715 40*40mm

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Product Introduction

TEC1-12715 40*40mm

Chip type: TEC1-12715

Outline size: 40*40*3.2mm components, logarithm 127 pairs.

Conductor specification: lead length 200 + 8mm RV standard conductor single head 5mm tin plating.

Internal resistance: 0.8~0.9 ohm (ambient temperature 23 + 1 C, 1kHZ Ac test)

Maximum temperature difference: above 62 C

Working current: Imax=11.8A (maximum voltage 15.5V at startup 15A)

Rated voltage: DC12V (maximum voltage: 15.5V)

The cooling power is 142W (the cooling surface temperature is too high, which reduces the cooling power).

Assembly pressure: 85N/cm2

Working environment: temperature range -55 ~ 83 C (high ambient temperature will directly affect refrigeration efficiency).

Packaging process: Standard 704 silicone rubber seal

Packing standards: foam box packaging, storage conditions, ambient temperature -10 ~ 40 C

Storage conditions: -40~60 C

Power requirements: single voltage 12V, current 15A or more power supply (serial and parallel).

Device characteristics: red line cathode, black line negative electrode (with literal cold surface, no literal heat dissipation surface).

Work Notes: Connect the two sides of the 12-volt power chiller will appear temperature difference, one side cold, one side hot, do not in the absence of a radiator for a long time to power on the cooler, otherwise it will cause the cooler internal overheating and burn.

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