8 Channel Relay Module without light coupling 5V

8 Channel Relay Module without light coupling 5V

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Product Introduction

8 Channel Relay Module without light coupling 5V

1.Dual trigger design, use a dedicated two-way driver IC.
2.Strong resist interference, use diode continued current to protect it.
3.The relay contact part adopts double cloth line for large current, safe and reliable.
4.The input and output are 5.08mm wiring terminals, wiring is more convenient, suitable for PLC control.
5.Input terminals can be arbitrarily set high and low level, the control mode is more flexible.
6.Equipped with fixing screw hole, easy to install.
7.Each way module can be set high or low triggered by jumper.

Material: Metal
Mounting bolts holes: 4
Holes diameter: 3mm
Voltage: 5V 12V
Maximum load : AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A

VCC: Power end
GND: Ground strap
CTR1-CTR8: Signal input trigger

24 line interface, the interface can be directly connected to all leads , user-friendly.
NO1-NO8: normally open relay interfaces , relay before the vacant after the pull shorted with COM
COM1-COM8: Relay Common Interface
NC1-NC8: normally closed relay interface relay shorted with COM ago , after the pull- vacant

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