R365 Motor

R365 Motor

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Product Introduction

R365 Motor


1) Motor length: 32.5mm

(2) Motor diameter: 27.5mm

(3) Axle diameter: 2.3mm

(4) Shaft length: 12mm

(5) Voltage range: 6-24V

(6) Current and speed test:

At 6V voltage, rotating speed 2000 per minute, no-load current 50mA, blocking current 0.31a

At A voltage of 12V, the rotating speed is 5000 per minute, the no-load current is 50mA, and the blocking current is 0.55A

(7) Screws for fixing holes: M2.5

(8) Hole distance: 16mm

(9) Weight: about 50.5g

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