720 Modeling hollow cup motor DC4.2V

720 Modeling hollow cup motor DC4.2V

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Product Introduction

720 Modeling hollow cup motor DC4.2V

720 hollow cup drive motor


Body length:20mm
Shaft length: 5mm

Shaft diameter:1mm/0.8mm


Product mechanical parametersProduct mechanical parameters

Item Specifications Remark
1 Model Number


2 Rated Voltage

3.7V DC

3 The use of Voltage range 1.5 ~ 4.2V DC
4 Rotation Direction CW
5 Rated Current 0.15A Max
6 Rated speed 43000 ± 10% rpm Under the rated voltage motor operates on load
7 Stall Current 4.1A Max
8 Starting Voltage 0.8 V DC In any one position, voltage slowly rises
9 The use of temperature range -10℃~60℃≤60%RH
10 Terminal Resistance 0.5± 10%Ω Measure between two terminals
11 Insulation Resistance 10MΩ Ohmmeter, measure between the wires and the shell
12 Appearance The machine no damage and rusting
13 Weight About 3.6 g
14 Clearance between shafts 0.10~0.30mm

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