Servo S3003 12KG

Servo S3003 12KG

Price: $1.84Sku: FA6037
Product Introduction

Servo S3003 12KG

S3003 standard steering gear, used in remote control models such as cars and ships, can replace Futaba’s S138, S148, S22, S38 and S12

Parameter standards:


Weight: 38G 1 x 38G standard steering gear

Speed (4.8V): 0.12 SEC /60° 1 x cross steering gear rocker arm

Torque (4.8V): 3.5kg /cm 2 x shock washer

Temperature range: -30 to +60C 4 x steering gear mounting screws

Steering gear wire length: 27cm

Voltage range :4.8-6.0V

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