car-kit 4WD

car-kit 4WD

Price: $35.24Sku: FA6042
Product Introduction

car-kit 4WD


– Open your imagination, enjoy assembling pleasure
– Support build it with bluetooth accessories which included in the package
– With UNO328 controller board
– Remote Control Range: 10m
– Material: PCB
– Weight: about 400g


About UNO328 controller board
Working voltage 5V
Input voltage 7-12V (recommended)
Input voltage 6-20V (limited)
Support USB interface protocol and power supply (no external power supply required)
Support ISP download function.
Digital I/O port: 14 (6 PWM outputs)
Analog input port: 6
DC current 40mA (I/O port)
DC current 50mA (3.3V port)
Size 75x55x15mm

About L298N motor driver
Current – Output / Channel 2A
Current-peak output 3A
Power supply voltage 4.5V~46V
Working temperature – 25℃~130℃
It can drive two DC motors at the same time.
Suitable for robot design and smart car design.
It can realize positive and negative motor rotation and speed regulation.

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