8 dof biped humanoid robot steering bracket parts

8 dof biped humanoid robot steering bracket parts

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Product Introduction

8 dof biped humanoid robot steering bracket parts

Product introduction

This robot is an enhanced version of our 6-DOF humanoid robot, which increases the upper limb joint and makes the upper limb movement more diverse!Humanoid robots with 8 degrees of freedom move in a similar way, but with more upper limbs.

The robot is 16.5cm tall and 15cm wide and small.With 8 steering engines, you can easily complete straight, turn, dance, swing arms and other movements.The robot has four legs and four arms and is an enhanced version of the six-degree-of-freedom humanoid robot, which allows for more flexible upper limb movements.This product does not design the head, because itself is to simplify mainly, if the design head, a little redundant.We specially provide the controller mounting bracket for you to install the controller.There is some space between the U beam and the controller, so you can install your own sensors and do robot obstacle avoidance and other functions.

The complete metal structure of the 8-DOF robot:

8 multi-functional supports

There are 2 inclined U brackets

4 short U brackets

There are 4 L-shaped supports

One U beam

2 paddies

There are 4 cup bearing components

Metal steering gear 8

Complete set of screws and nuts fittings 1 set

MG996R steering gear 8

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