17-degree-of-freedom two-foot humanoid robot

17-degree-of-freedom two-foot humanoid robot

Price: $84.24Sku: FA6053-3
Product Introduction

17 degree of freedom two-foot humanoid robot

The robot stand with 17 degrees of freedom, the height of the robot is about 40CM (the legs are bent when standing), the width is 23CM, and it contains 17 degrees of freedom. Among them, 1 degree of freedom for the head, 4 degrees of freedom for the arms, 2 degrees of freedom for the shoulders, 2 degrees of freedom for the hips, 6 degrees of freedom for the legs, and 2 degrees of freedom for the feet.

Packing Included:

A full set of brackets + 17 995 analog servos (standard servos):

Multi-function bracket 16
7 short U brackets
Long U bracket 4
Inclined U bracket 4
One-shaped bracket 4
L-shaped bracket 4
2 large feet
U-shaped beam 1
14 imported cup bearings
1 set of screws and nuts
Metal rudder disc 17
17 995 analog servos

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