5mw laser head

5mw laser head

Price: $1.11Sku: FA3021-4
Product Introduction

5mw laser head

Product Description

Option: you can choose the types:
(1) Point (Dot) Type
(2) Line Type
(3) Cross Type

The principle of laser emission and the particularity of the production process determine that the laser has the characteristics that ordinary light does not have: three good (good color, good coherence, good directionality) and high (high brightness).
The laser has good directionality and high brightness, and can be widely used in various occasions. The series of laser tubes are convenient, intuitive, practical, easy to install, stable and reliable.

Product Usage:
1. Can be used for positioning of the sight
2. Can be used for laser testing tools
3. Can be used for concentricity positioning
4. Can be used to make signal equipment

Product Parameters:
Output color: red
Output wavelength: 650nm visible light
Output type: dot, line, cross (option)
Focal length mode: adjustable focus
Incentive method: electric excitation
Working medium: semiconductor
Mode of operation: continuous
Supply voltage: 3. 0V- 5V
Current consumption: MAX 40mA
Output power: MAX 5mW
Product size: 12. 0x35mm
Wire length: about 135mm
Drive circuit: APC

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