Tachile Switch Module

Tachile Switch Module

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Product Introduction

Tachile Switch Module

Product Description
Model: KY-004.
Rating: 50mA 12VDC.
Contact Resistance : 50mOhm max(initial).
Insulation Resistance: 100MOhm(minDC 250V).
Dielectric Strength : 250V AC(50/60Hz for 1minute).
Electrically Life: 100,000cycles.
Environment Temperature: -25 Degree Centigrade to +105 Degree Centigrade.
Operating Force: 180/230.(20gf)
Seal Temperature: 250 Degree Centigrade to 280 Degree Centigrade.


This module is ideally suited to adding a button to your projects and will output a high signal when pressed. The small nature of the entire module makes this keypad ideal for use just about anywhere on your project and ideal for debugging a project. Microcontrollers, such as the Adruino communicate with switches by using the standard button libraries.

Key switch module and a digital interface, built-in 13 light build a simple circuit to produce key warning lamp.13 comes with digital interfaces of the light,theaccess number 3 button switch sensor interfaces, when the key switch sensor senses a key signal , lights , otherwise off.

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