Passive Buzzer Module

Passive Buzzer Module

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Product Introduction

Passive Buzzer Module

The characteristics of the passive buzzer are:

1, there is no shock source inside the passive, so if it can’t be tween by DC signal. A square wave of 2K~5K must be used to drive it

2 voice frequency controllable, can make “to send Tracy cable” effect.

3, in some special cases, a control port can be multiplexed with LED.

The characteristics of the active buzzer are:

1, the active buzzer has a shock source inside, so it will be called as long as it is electrified.

2, program control is convenient. A high and low level of MCU can make it sound, but passive buzzer can not do it.

Each set of weights is about 6g

A module description

The 1 module is driven by the 9012 triode

2 working voltage 3.3V-5V

6 with fixed bolt holes for easy installation

7 small size: 3.3cm * 1.3cm PCB

Two module interface description (3 wire system)

1 VCC external 3.3V-5V voltage (directly connected to 5V microcontroller and 3.3V microcontroller).

2 GND outside GND

3 I/O external chip IO port

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