SW-18020P tilt-vibration sensor

SW-18020P tilt-vibration sensor

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Product Introduction

SW-18020P tilt-vibration sensor


Model: SW-18020P
Voltage: 12V
Current: 2mA
temperature: 100C

1. When the switch is at rest, it is in an open (OFF) state. When an external force collides to reach a proper vibration force, or when the moving speed reaches an appropriate (biased) heart force, the conductive pin will instantaneously turn on (ON) state. The electrical characteristics change, and when the external force disappears, the electrical characteristics return to the open (OFF) state.

2. no directional, any angle can trigger the work.
3. The product is completely sealed and can be waterproof and dustproof.

4. Trigger sensitivity can be selected according to the needs of the circuit.

5. This switch is suitable for triggering of small current circuits.

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