1/4 inch Water flow sensor YF-S402

1/4 inch Water flow sensor YF-S402

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Product Introduction

1/4 inch Water flow sensor YF-S402

Product Introduction:

Water flow sensor mainly consists of plastic valve body, water flow rotor assembly and hall sensor.

Installed flow sensor to the inlet end of the water heater, to detect the rate of inlet water flow. When water passes through the flow rotor assembly,the magnetic rotor rotates and the rotating speed changes with the flow rate. Hall sensor outputs the corresponding pulse and feed back to the controller, which determines the flow range of water and regulates.

Product Feature:

1. Product is with light and small structure, easy to install.

2. The impeller is inlaid with stainless steel beads for permanent wear resistance.

3. The sealing ring adopts the structure of upper and lower force and never leak.

4. Hall element is imported from Germany and sealed with filling glue to prevent water intake and never aging.

5. All raw materials meet ROSH testing standards


Medium temperature should not exceed 120°C.

Technical Parameter:

No. Inspection item Standard Request

1 Sensor Hall Effect Sensor, Digit Output

2 Product Material POM

3 Flow Range / Accuracy 0.3-5L\min ±2%

4 Rated Voltage DC=5V

5 Max Working Current 10mA

6 Withstand Hydraulic Pressure <1.75MPa

7 Working Voltage Range DC3.5-12V

8 Insulation Resistance >100MΩ

9 Pulse Characteristic 73*Q=L/Min±2%

10 Medium Temperature -20°C~+85°C

11 Max Output Pulse >DC 4.7V (Input Voltage DC 5V)

12 Min Output Pulse >DC 0.5V (Input Voltage DC 5V)

13 Output Pulse Duty Ratio 50%±10%

14 Applicable Medium Water, Tap-Water

Package Included : 1pcs x Water Flow Sensor

Range of use:

Washing machine, electromagnetic water heater ,burning gas water heater, water dispenser, water purification machine, R.O. U.F. coffee machine, hot water machine ,water electrolysis of water generator controlled machine, water machine ,beer machine, to develop energy heat pump hot water project of intelligent water meter, IC water meter, IC card management system of steam equipment sprinkler irrigation equipment ,campus card to sell water system ,self-help sale (sell) machine for water treatment equipment ,water dispensing equipment ,cooling system, circulating system ,intelligent toilet, toilet clean body implement ,mechanical equipment ,heating equipment ,instrumentation pharmaceutical (economic) equipment, garden irrigation.

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