ZP-7510/ZP-10010/ZP-10010 ZPC1 water level sensor (40cm cables)

ZP-7510/ZP-10010/ZP-10010 ZPC1 water level sensor (40cm cables)

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Product Introduction

ZP-7510 P75 0~110v water level sensor (40cm cables)

The float switch is normally closed when leaving the factory. If you want to be normally open, just adjust the ball 180 degrees. Normally closed and normally open are reversed.

Regarding the floating ball wiring, it is recommended to use a small relay. Especially if the load has a motor, a relay must be connected.

The float level switch is a liquid level control device with simple structure and easy to use. It does not need to provide power and has no complicated circuits. It has the advantages of smaller size and longer working life than general mechanical switches. As long as the material is selected correctly, it can be used with any liquid or pressure and temperature. It is widely used in shipbuilding industry, generator equipment, petrochemical industry, food industry, water treatment equipment, dyeing and finishing industry, hydraulic machinery, etc. application.

Working principle: The liquid level sensor is mainly composed of a magnetic reed switch and a floating ball. There are magnetic materials in the floating ball. One or more magnetic reed switches are set in a closed non-magnetic metal tube or plastic tube, and then the conduit is passed through one Or multiple floats with magnetic materials, and use fixed double rings to control the float and the magnetic reed switch at the relevant position. The float rises or falls with the liquid, and uses the contact point near the beginning of the magnetic spring to open and close. The action is used for liquid level control or indication (when the float is close to the reed switch, it is on; when it leaves, the switch is off).

1. Contact capacity: 70W 6. Resistance load: 107 times
2. Switching voltage: AC/DC110V 7. Working temperature: -10~60℃
3. Switching current: 0.5A 8. Working pressure: <0.6MPA
4. Insulation resistance: >10Ω 9. Proportion of medium: >0.6
5. Contact impedance: <100m 10. Switch material: PP plastic

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