Photoelectric encoder / speed sensor encoder smart car C B D E models

Photoelectric encoder / speed sensor encoder smart car C B D E models

Price: $2.77Sku: FA3016-3
Product Introduction

Photoelectric encoder/speed sensor encoder Smart car C B D E car model

Code plate technical parameters:

  • Line number: 100 lines
  • Outer diameter: 22mm
  • Bore diameter: 3.5mm
  • Thickness: 0.3mm
  • Material: alloy steel
  • Production process: laser cutting processing
  • Installation: with the seller to send the installation of the column can be fixed.

Speed on the tube Technical parameters:

On the tube manufacturers: the United States HP HP original

Supply voltage: 5V (3.3V also available)

Wiring:Red 5V Black GND

Output signal: 5Vp-p two-phase signal output (see below).

Two signal lines, a yellow one blue (due to the production of different batches, sometimes the signal line may be green, does not affect the use), yellow and blue are two TTL level (can be directly connected to the microcontroller ) Signal (Note: measured positive and negative is by the two levels of distinction is forward or reverse)

(Let A B be the signal line)

A first pulse, proved to be turning

B first pulse, proved to be reversed

Important:For a long time to blockorDo not block allThere is no output, as the phase detection, only in the rising and falling edge of the shot will have a waveform output, so the rotation of the disc or with an opaque object back and forth when the state will have a square wave output, high-speed state, similar to the sine wave Or sawtooth, see the video below. Multimeter test has been expressed as 0.1V or so, is invalid! Please use an oscilloscope or the acquisition port of a single-chip microcomputer for testing.

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