2WD speed measurement module

2WD speed measurement module

Price: $1.25Sku: FA3016-4
Product Introduction

2WD speed measurement module Intelligent tracking car counter counter counting module 2 motor speed measurement (red)

This module is intelligent car speed measurement module. It adopts groove-type photoelectric correlation and is equipped with schmitt trigger to eliminate vibrating pulse. It can be applied to distance measurement as well as rotate speed measurement of cars.
The four pins are defined as GND OUT1 OUT2 OUT1, among them, OUT1 OUT2 +5 is level output.
Direct connection to microcontroller IO port.
Each channel carries a LED indicating its output status.
Operating Voltage 5V
Working current < 10mA
Output interface 4 wire
Color Red + Black
Weight 5g
Package Sealed package
Packing List 1* Module
Brand OEM
Original Made in China

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