170pts Mini Breadboard SYB-170 Green with Connect (white/yellow/red/black/blue/green)

170pts Mini Breadboard SYB-170 Green with Connect (white/yellow/red/black/blue/green)

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Product Introduction

170pts Mini Breadboard SYB-170 Green with Connect (white/yellow/red/black/blue/green)

Product Specifications and Package details:

Board Material: White ABS plastic with black legend
Internal Contacts Material: Phosphor bronze finished.
Board Base: Self-Adhesive Tape
170 tie-points 1pcs .
Socket Pitch: 0.1″
Contact Type: Mixed metal strip
Extension Clips: Yes (Can extend with other boards)
Dimension: 45mm x 34.5mm x 9.5mm
Package included: 1pcs 170 tie-points breadboard

Convenient and Easy-to-use:

Solderless breadboard is convenient for the prototypes and circuit design experiment and other DIY projects.
Each row and columns has corresponding letters and numbers.
Self-adhesive back tape makes it easy to stick on a platform, such as the duino prototype shield.
With tight plug-in contacts, the components will sit well after assembly therefore there are no wobbles.
Jumper wires are easy to insert into or remove from these breadboards.
With nubbins and slots on the sides to easily connect multiple breadboards together.

Thoughtful Product Features:

Perfect shield prototyping and testing; can be applied in debugging without welding.
Fit for 21-26 AWG (0.4-0.7MM) wire. Comparing with breadboards of high AWG wire, Elegoo breadboards is of higher physical strength
and lower resistance.
The solderless breadboards do not require soldering, therefore they are completely re-usable. This makes it easy to use for
creating temporary prototypes and experimenting with circuit design which is a construction base for prototype of electronics.
Compatible with resistors, transistors, diodes, LEDS, capacitors and other types of electronic components

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