Programmable LED Time Contraller

Programmable LED Time Contraller

Price: $17.67Sku: FA4089-5
Product Introduction

Programmable LED Time Contraller


  1. Working temperature:-20-60°C
  2. Supply voltage:DC12-24V
  3. Output:5 channels(five COMS drain-open output)
  4. Max load current:4A each color
  5. Color:Black
  6. Connection mode: common anode
  7. Gross Weight:205g
  8. dimension:150×78.5x26mm


Here is an upper computer in the programmable time controller to make the load output change over time, the customer may customize schedule mode they want through the upper PC. Then through the USB port to download required schedule to the controller.The upper PC in addition to the function of editing schedule mode ,it also can be setup time for the controller because of synchronous clock function of upper host .If user want to see the schedule mode effect after editing , they can use fast sowing function of upper . Because there is no delete function of the upper host ,so the mode name display space will come into blank as long as you execute delete .This controller can control load of led changing effect no more than five channels .And it can be used in the occasion of the plant lights, light box advertising, the stage, home decoration, etc.

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