Mini Printer /Embedded Thermal Printer BT-2 black 5-9V TTL

Mini Printer /Embedded Thermal Printer BT-2 black 5-9V TTL

Price: $17.29Sku: FA4145
Product Introduction

Mini Printer /Embedded Thermal Printer BT-2 black 5-9V TTL

Product Discription:

1. Fashionable, delicate and elegant

2. Low noise direct thermal printing method

3. Various image/curves/characters printing function

4. Paper out detection, automatic memory printing function

5. Serial(RS232,TTL)/Parallel interface

6. High speed and low power consumption optional

7. Support low-voltage system

Paper Working Loading way easy
Cutting way divulsion(dentiform)
Printer performance Print method Direct thermal print and auto paper feed
Printing density 384 dots/line
8 dots/mm
Printing width 48 mm
Max Printer Speed 85 mm/s(max.)
dot distance 0.125 mm
Drawing/Bar code word size(WxH mm) 0.75×1
ASCII Character(WxH dots) 16 lattice:8×16; 24 lattice:12×24
ASCII Size(WxH mm) 16 lattice:2×4; 24 lattice:1.5×3
drawing/bar code suitable
Testing Method lacking paper testing photoelectricity sensor
Control System printer interface TTL/RS232
buffer 32k
Command System ESC printer command/WH printing command
Power Woking Voltage DC3.5V–9V (from7.2-5v,with highest speeed and excellent effect)
Average electricity less than 1.5A
Max electricity less than 3A
Printer Mechanism printing head lifespan 50km
Paper paper item thermal paper
paper width 58mm
papaer thickness 65±5um
diameter of paper roll 30mm
Physics Specification Environment adaptability 0~55°C; -20~55°C
Storage temperature –25~70°C
Dimension (WxHxD mm) 103mmx57mmx57mm

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