0.28″ DC0~100V 10A Dual LED Voltmeter Ammeter (Red+Red)

0.28″ DC0~100V 10A Dual LED Voltmeter Ammeter (Red+Red)

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Product Introduction

0.28″ DC0~100V 10A Dual LED Voltmeter Ammeter (Red+Red)


Dc dual-display voltage ammeter This dual-color dual-meter is compact in volume and can display voltage and current on the same screen at the same time. This meter head is designed in common ground, that is, the ground wire of the measuring end is connected with the ground wire of the power supply end

Power supply range of this table: DC4.5~30V, reverse connection of power supply will not burn,

Note: Input voltage must not exceed 30V, otherwise there is danger of burning out

Technical parameters: Power supply voltage: DC4.5~30V (wide range, suitable for many occasions) test voltage: 0~100V;Resolution: 0.1V. If you have special requirements, please contact customer service

Test current range: no more than 10A, resolution: 100MA, (built-in frequency divider)

Operating current: ≤20MA

Display mode: 0.28 “LED– monochrome (all red), monochrome (all green), monochrome (all blue), monochrome (all yellow)

External dimension: 48×29×21mm

Installation opening: 45.5×26.5mm

Measurement rate: ≥100mS/ time measurement accuracy 1% (±1 word)

Limit working condition: no less than power supply voltage: DC+4.5V

High supply voltage: DC+30V

Operating temperature: -15℃ ~ +70℃

Working humidity: 10 ~ 80% (no condensation)

Operating pressure: 80 ~ 106kPa

Sunlight exposure: no direct exposure

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