microphone 9745 97*45mm

microphone 9745 97*45mm

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Product Introduction

microphone 9745 97*45mm


Diameter: 9mm height: 4.5mm Sensitivity: -56dB Quality assurance!!

Name: Electret microphone

Electret microphone

Diameter :9.7 mm

Height :4.5 mm

The microphone is an acoustic – electrical converter (also known as a transducer or sensor), which is the opposite of the horn (electrical – acoustic).The microphone is the input and the speaker is the output.

Microphone also known as microphone, microphone, microphone, etc

Size 9.7 * 4.5 mm

Sensitivity Ω RL = 680-51 V = 1.5 V + / – 3 db – 49 plus or minus 3 db – 47 + 3 db

Impedance Ω 680 or less

Directionality directionality

Large operating voltage 10V

Standard operating voltage 1.5V

Consumption current is 0.5mA higher

Sensitivity reduced Within-3dB at 1.5V

Signal-to-noise ratio More than 58dB

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