Detailed descriptions of BLE-Nano board

Aug 29, 2022 Blog, Products

Product introduction
Ble-Nano is a revolutionary product developed by emakefun for makers based on the perfect combination of Bluetooth 4.0 protocol and Arduino NanoV3.0. Its functions and pins are fully compatible with traditional Arduino NanoV3.0 motherboards. The working frequency band is 2.4GHZ and the modulation method is GFSK, the maximum transmission power is 0db, and the maximum transmission distance is 50 meters. It adopts imported original TI CC2540 chip design. It supports users to modify and view the device name, service UUID, transmission power, pairing password and other commands through AT commands, which is convenient, quick and flexible to use. The product is very small in size, suitable for many applications with strict size constraints.

We provide Android and IOS mobile phone demos, you can quickly develop a hardware device that communicates with mobile phones.

Just like the very popular wearable mobile phone peripherals, all of them can be developed on the Ble-Nano platform. You can use Ble-Nano to connect with Bluetooth 4.0 devices, realize wireless transmission between two Bluetooth devices, and set master and slave devices. .Even establish a Bluetooth HID connection with PC. At the same time, we provide developers with great freedom and support preparation. Users can not only debug the Ble-Nano through AT commands, but also add Arduino-compatible expansion boards, sensors, motors, and servos to the Ble-Nano controller. Drivers, etc., emakefun exclusively developed the function of automatically connecting to the slave in the Bluetooth master mode, and supports more than 20 bytes of transmission, which is more convenient to use.

Product parameters
Fully compatible with Arduino Nano V3.0 pins and usage
BLE chip: TI CC2540
Working channel 2.4G
Transmission distance: open distance 50m
Support AT command to configure BLE
Support USB virtual serial port, hardware serial port, BLE three-way transparent transmission
Support master-slave switching
Support Bluetooth automatic connection to slave in master mode
Support more than 20byte sending, automatic subcontracting.
Interface: Mirco-Usb
Input voltage: Usb power supply, Vin6~12V, 5V
Microprocessor: ATmega328P-MU QFN32
Bootloader: latest Arduino1.8.8
Pin: Two rows of 2.54mm-15Pin
Dimensions: 48mm x 19mm x 12mm
Weight: 18g


Indicator light description
When the bluetooth is not connected, the blue light flashes, and the blue light is always on after connecting
When there is bluetooth data communication or usb has data, or Ble-Nano serial port data, the green light flashes
When the USB data cable is successfully connected, the usb light is on. If only the power light is on after the usb is connected, but the usb indicator is not on, it means that the USB-Micro cable is bad, please replace it

Development Notes
Because the bluetooth of the product is a transparent transmission function, bluetooth programming is actually reading and writing to the serial port of the arduino. We need to pay attention to two points when programming. 1. The BLE protocol stipulates that the length of each bluetooth data packet cannot exceed 20bytes. Our bluetooth The module does packet transmission, but there is a low probability of packet loss, so when the size exceeds 20 bytes, the audino packet transmission is the most reliable. 2. The data sending interval of each packet needs to exceed 150ms, otherwise it is easy to lose packets.

Ble-Nano master-slave communication and practical application combined with Processing
Many times we use Ble-Nano and Processing to complete our own ideas, so the simplest solution is as follows