Excellent Patent in Education Robotic Kits

Aug 30, 2022 Blog

Excellent Patent in Education Robotic Kits

The gratifying news is that Beemong has cooperated with Mechanismic Inc. of the United States to develop our smart toy kit in 2022. It is the world’s first design-driven robotics education platform consisting of a

  • Patented hardware
  • APPs for designing robot motions and controlling them
  • Curriculum, tutorials, and professional development material, and
  • Educational services in the field of mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer programming in the context of engineering design.

We also offer camps, school and out-of-school educational programs for children from second grade to 12th grade.


Design-Driven Robotics Education

Mechanism design meets the classroom with MotionGen + Edurobotics.

Use the MotionGen app to draw a mechanism. Then, build it using Edurobotics.

Learn how to design structures and robots using our state of the curriculum. Learn on your own or use our educational services.