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With 10 years of experience in the field of STEM products and electronics, Beemong has witnessed every step of the development of the industry from the gradual rise to maturity of the STEM industry in the Chinese market, and has also gained a large number of customers who resonate with the same frequency.

With sincere enthusiasm, we work hard for the global development of STEM careers and are always committed to providing high-quality products and thoughtful services.

We are proud that Beemong currently serves well-known importers, large STEM brands, large import retail giants, large training institutions, and government bidding projects in customer countries, and they have always maintained long-term and in-depth cooperation with us (95 % of our customers have continued to cooperate with us since their first order).

Our founder, Jesse, grew up in a family culture of loving parents and filial piety. Not only does he have deep feelings for his family and children, he is also warm and considerate to the friends around him, and he is always honest and trustworthy. In 2014, one of his children was 2 years old and the other was just born, which deeply aroused his sense of responsibility as a father.

At that time, STEM education had just emerged in China. After in-depth understanding, he found that STEM education can stimulate children’s creativity, imagination, thinking ability, etc., and has been brewing and developing in the United States for a long time, at the same time China is the main producer and supplier of STEM products. Jesse was very excited, and his strong emotional drive for children made him feel that he should do something for education.

In 2014, he started to set up a company with his friends to enter the overseas sales market of Arduino products. In 2016, he officially started a new stage of his career under the name Beemong. Since then, we have embarked on a path of rapid development in the STEM field.

In 10 years of experience, we have had too many unforgettable stories with each of our customers. We have continued to work together on each order, and have also continued to enhance our relationship, slowly reaching a deep understanding.

Thanks to our customers’ absolute trust in us, our products have evolved from standard products from well-known brands such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit, Makey Makey, etc. to gradually customized and personalized products. Product categories have also gradually expanded from DIY electronic products to CNC, 3D printing, drones, chips and other electronic products.

Looking back on the past, our winning advantage lies not in the lowest price, but in doing business in a down-to-earth manner and being a sincere person. We never deceive customers and sincerely cooperate with customers to solve every problem they encounter. We always adhere to one of the most important principles: allowing customers to find a real sense of security in cross-border procurement!

Will you be the next one to have an unforgettable story with us?


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