1602LCD Specifications

Aug 29, 2022 Blog

Block Diagram


​ LCD1602 is a character LCD module specially used to display letters, numbers and symbols. It is widely used in industry, such as electronic clock, temperature display. Most of the character LCDs on the market are based on the HD44780 character LCD chip, and the control principle is exactly the same. “1602” means 2 lines and 16 characters per line. The LCD1602 display screen with the adapter board uses the IIC interface, which saves a lot of I/O ports. 1602 Liquid Crystal Display (1602 Liquid Crystal Display, hereinafter referred to as 1602 LCD) is a common character liquid crystal display, because it can display Named after 16*2 characters. Usually, the 1602 LCD we use integrates the font chip. Through the API provided by the LiquidCrystal class library, we can easily use the 1602 LCD to display English letters and some symbols.



Module parameters
Pin Name    Description
GND         5V power supply pin
VCC             GND ground
SDA             data pin
SCL             clock pin

Detailed schematic