Experience Customized Business

Aug 30, 2022 Company

Beemong started out as a trader, and established a solid foundation of trust during the cooperating with customers. Since some of our customers are brand owners, they need to customize products that fully meet their brand requirements, rather than standard products on the market. Therefore, we began to discuss how to cooperate, utilize China’s rich production resources, and realize brand value by reducing overall production costs and ensuring quality. Since 2018, we have transformed into a parallel development stage of trade and product customization.

Our most customized products are PCB and PCBA.

Our PCB factory has 15 years of PCB production experience and is a long-term strategic partnership with us. We worked together for 6 years. During these 6 years, we have completed government, schools and other commercial projects for many customers. The bidding process is usually very competitive. We have achieved success again and again by relying on our customer’s super negotiating ability, the company’s overall strength and our excellent production capacity. At the same time, the most important thing to thank is the trust and experience of our customers, which allows us to strive for excellence on the road of customization. Now our PCB customization business is very mature, you can rest assured to cooperate with us.

We have 3 PCBA factories with different specifications, which can meet different types of customer needs. One of our factories has 6 fully automatic SMT equipment, which can meet the production requirements of large quantities and high quality.

At the same time, we can customize the customer’s logo and specifications on the PCB to reflect the information of the brand identity, and can realize packaging customization, card customization, label customization, etc.

Our goal is to make every effort to help you realize the road of brand influence! Therefore, if you have any ideas and needs, please put them forward. I think as long as there is a demand, we can discuss and realize it together. On the road of development, it is easiest to obtain ordinary suppliers, and the hardest thing is to be willing to grow up with you and ascension’s strategic partner!