Strong and Stable Supply Chain

Aug 30, 2022 Blog, Beemong Introduction

Beemong has been engaged in the export of educational electronic products for 8 years. Before founding Beemong, our founder Jesse and his friends jointly established another foreign trade enterprise of educational electronic products, and was responsible for supply chain management. During the process gradually have a comprehensive and substantive in-depth understanding of the industry supply chain, and have established a stable supply chain relationship.

After the establishment of Beemong, with the help of the Alibaba platform, we gradually developed and established a group of long-term cooperative customers. Most of these customers started with small trial orders and gradually developed to the stage of stable demand every month.It’s just a few simple words to summarize, but in fact, we have deep and unforgettable stories with every customer.

From business contact to sample confirmation to formal order, we have experienced repeated discussions and mutual confirmation. Customers need to confirm whether our product quality, order delivery date, and after-sales service are up to standard, and we also need to confirm whether customers’ payment is stable, assess the customer’s demand in order to establish an appropriate and reasonable inventory to shorten the order delivery time. Some customers’ products require additional certification, and we have also worked together to complete the process of multiple product destructive tests and corresponding qualification certification.

With the continuous growth of business volume, the needs of customers in various countries have also continuously prompted us to broaden our product categories. We have expanded from the original supply of educational electronic products to chips, tools, CNC series, 3D printing series, and motors. series, solar energy series, customized product series (including PCB and PCBA, plastic toy parts development, packaging customization, partial improvement of products), independent R&D product series, etc. Since the product levels required by different customers will also be different (this is related to our customers’ business chains in their business areas), we have also developed supply chains for different product levels.

Our supply chain system is divided into several categories:

Educational electronic products: Beemong cooperates directly with major domestic high-quality top-end single-chip motherboard manufacturers, ordinary electronic accessories manufacturers, STEM project-related accessories manufacturers or suppliers in order to obtain stable quality and competitive product prices. Due to the continuous growth of our business development and the stable and continuous demand of customers, the cooperation between us and suppliers is also very stable. Enjoying the VIP service they give us to our major customers, this value will ultimately benefit our customers.

Chip products: We have opened up multiple channels. We can not only supply big-name original imported chips, but also provide Chinese versions with reasonable prices and satisfactory functions for customers in need, so as to help customers reduce production costs. The production has verified that the quality is stable and can be used with confidence.

Tool products: We have long-term cooperation with well-known domestic multimeter manufacturers and various common tool manufacturers.

CNC series products: We mainly use small desktop CNC equipment (for the purpose of processing products in small processing factories, personal hobbyists and CNC education), and larger CNC equipment, which can be applied to cutting various common materials such as metal and wood.

3D printing series products: mainly supply smaller 3D printing equipment.

Motor series products: We provide standard motors for various intelligent robots, including various models and common colors, and also accept customization, such as replacing the motor line or other customizations to meet customer needs.

Solar series products: We mainly provide portable solar packs. Our factory accepts customizations such as style and power, and free samples are available.

Customized product series: We have our own PCB factory, which can customize various PCBs and process PCBA. For all kinds of our products, packaging customization and Logo printing can be realized.

Self-research and development: After years of precipitation, with the idea of developing an independent product line, we cooperated with the American team to develop a unique product (Edurobotics) that is different from LEEGO, and has obtained intellectual property rights certificates in multiple regions. At this stage, the whole series of products are in the final sprint before going on the market, and are expected to be available to global customers in the second half of the year.