New Products Development

Aug 30, 2022 Blog, Company

As the trading volume of our standard products tends to be stable and has a certain regularity, we can basically count and estimate the monthly and annual sales volume of some major products, and in the process of customer application, the contradiction between customer product demand and the limitations of standard products was further summarized, so the idea of optimizing products and producing Beemong’s own products came into being.

At present, we mainly carry out independent production for several major development versions, and formed: Uno, Nano, Mega and other products marked by Edurobotics. The main point of improvement is that some customers reported that it is very difficult to plug in the interface of the motherboard. We found that the quality of the USB port is different, so we will be extra strict in selecting and controlling the quality. For some orders with high requirements, we will ask employees to test the fit with the line before shipment.

We have re-customized and replaced some motor wires.

Some SG series motors have also been customized and optimized.