10PCS Alligator Clips Electrical Test Leads Dual Ended Crocodile Clips Jumper Wires for Circuit Connection Electrical Testing 5 Colors

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Red*2, yellow*2, green*2, black*2, white*2

The alligator crocodile clips test leads can be the most useful tool on your workbench. No matter whether you’re trying to establish some quick connections to test the circuit or it is troublesome to keep the multimeter leads where they are needed, these alligator clips are essential.

  • Alligator clips test leads are made of soft PVC and copper. The copper wire has heavy insulation for protection against shorting and shock. Wire diameter: 2.5 mm. Wire gauge: 18 AWG.
  • Crocodile clips are tightly connected to the wires, and the insulating plastic protective covers are tightly attached to the crocodile clips. Covers won’t slide and fall off during testing and cause an accident, which protects your safety to the greatest extent.
  • The alligator clips have nice grip, upgraded sturdy spring and 10mm open diameter can make the clips hold the object firmly and not easy to slip off.
  • Perfect for electrical testing such as experiments, breadboarding, prototyping, troubleshooting, jumper circuits and temporary circuit changes. Widely used in laboratories, shops, schools, home and industry.
  • Package include: 10PCS alligator clips test leads. 5 colors are very convenient for classroom experiments.