Light Sensitive Resistor 12mm Photoresistor 12528 LDR Dependent Resistance

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Weight 0.004 kg
1.Spectral Peak:  560nm
2.Maximum Voltage:  250 VDC
3.Maximum  Wattage:  200 mW
4.Operating Temperature: -30 Celsuis ~ +70 Celsuis
5.Light Resistance (10 Lux):  10-20 Kohm
6.Dark Resistance: 2 Mohm
7.Resistance Illumination: 3
8.Response time: 20ms (Rise), 30ms (Down)
9.100λ10: 0.6
  • photoconductor photo conductor: Suitable for all kinds of motion card, key, led light, abs material, glass film, etc.
  • photoelectric element switch: This product is a photoelectric element switch designed with the resistors of plastic and metal. The photoelectric element switch is widely used in automatic lighting control system.
  • ceramic composition: Ceramic composition and high intensity, will not be affected by the external light source. Suitable for all kinds of digital products, such as ceramic, mixtures, glass, plastic, metal, etc.