44 Key RGB LED Strip Control for 12V 5050 RGB LED Strip

Weight 0.200 kg
Supply voltage

DC 12V


three CMOS drain-open output

Max load current

2A each colour

Connection mode

Common anode

Working Temperature

-20 celsuis-60celsuis

Brand new and high quality
-Easy to install
-Ultra Slim Design
-20 colours
-8 Light Pattern: Quick / Slow / Auto / Flash / 7 color fade change / 3 color fade change / 7 color jumpy change / 3 color jumpy change
-R / G / B increase and decrease control
-Suitable for adjusting the brightness of led application
-Remote is powered by one CR2025h battery ( not included)
-Supply voltage: DC 12V
-Output: three CMOS drain-open output
-Max load current: 2A each colour
-Connection mode: Common anode
-Working Temperature: -20 celsuis-60celsuis

Remote Control for LED lights