Speed Encoder Car DIY Kit 2WD Motor Smart Robot CR0024 Car Chassis Kit

Weight 0.45 kg




Reduction rate

48:1 ratio

RPM (with tires)


Tire diameter


Motor size

70mm * 22mm * 18mm


Voltage: DC 6V

Current: 120mAh

Reduction rate: 48:1 ratio

RPM (with tires): 240

Tire diameter: 66mm

Motor size: 70mm * 22mm * 18mm

Weight: 0.45 kg(4 pieces with gears)


Our car chassis has the following features: 1 A simple mechanical structure, very convenient to install. 2 Two deceleration DC motor turning flexible, good direction. The two-drive horsepower chronological. The Chassis large stability is very easy to extend 3 Car comes velocimetry code disc with OUR guns photoelectric quickly formed a tachometer system. Velocimetry, ranging form a closed-loop system. 4 Car equipped shop L293D two motor drive module, two tracking module, as well as the 51 seamless connection of the control unit, left red obstacle avoidance expansion hole, the composition of the system is simple and nice! 5 Double-layer structure: to facilitate the expansion 6 two-way infrared probe installed in the car at the bottom, the distance very convenient adjustment. Can experiment different width black lines While adjusting the probe can experiment close obstacle avoidance capabilities.