100W Foot pedal generator on power hand generator fitness power spinning rehabilitation training device

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Weight 3.125 kg
Dimensions 25 × 21 × 4.5 cm

all metal

USB fast charging output

5V3A / 9V2.5A / 12V2A

Output power

100 W

DC output

1-35 V

Product name: portable pedal generator/hand crank generator

Output power: 100W

DC output: 1-35V

Material: metal

USB fast charge output: 5V3A/9V2. 5A/12V2A

Weight: 3.125kg


Turn fat into electricity, charge the fan, exercise without sweating and store more conveniently.

Pedal Generator / Hand Generator Charge portable electronic devices at the same speed as plugging into a socket. Charging external batteries and power large devices such as laptops.

High conversion rate
Switch to power.
Non-slip suction cup.
Convenient storage


  • Structural display: Structural display structure: all metal gears are used inside, quiet belt drive, low noise 50 W / 100 W disc type ironless generator, dual USB fast charging, equipped with DC1-35 V output interface.
  • [Fashion and Beautiful]: Exclusive sports artifact for lazy people, breathing light indicator, dual USB fast charging ports, DC-1-35V charging ports.
  • Sports and entertainment are not wrong: leisure, office can exercise and charge. Sports are also very fashionable. You can also charge and play with your mobile phone while you exercise, and take it off easily at any time.
  • [Application] Mainly suitable for low power communication stations, walkie talkies, laptops, satellite hotels, mobile phones, cameras, digital cameras, portable mobile televisions, power tools, various measuring instruments, power supplies or batteries as well as other portable products. Can directly charge Li-ion, Ni-MH batteries, lead-acid batteries, etc.
  • [APPLICATION]: Very suitable for swimming pools, beaches, fishing, camping. Convenient and compact in emergencies and power outages, there are many uses of emergencies to normal radiation that can charge mobile phones