Lunyee Mini CNC 3018pro max working area 30*18cm wood router laser engraving machine for plywood cut

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 33 × 24 cm
Range of Spindle

1 – 10000 rpm

Positioning Accuracy (mm)

0.1 mm

Number of Axes


Working Table Size(mm)


Repeatability (X/Y/Z) (mm)

0.1 mm



Working Voltage

24V 5.6A

Supported Formats

jpg, bmp, svg, G-code


Cutting Engraving Non-metal Materials

Control software GRBL control
Construction Aluminum + BAKELITE
Working area 300*180*40mm
Frame size 400*330*240mm
Spindle 775 spindle motor   24V: 10000r/min
Step motor 1.3A 0.25N.m
Power supply 24V 5A
Supported system Windows XP/ Win 7/ Win 8/ Win10 Home
Laser (options) 0.5W 12V 405nm
2.5W/5.5W/15W 12V 450nm
(15W Can engrave on stainless steel)


Q: Does this machine need to be assembled when I received it?

This machine comes as a kit. You need to assemble it yourself. All tools and part are included in the kit.

Q: Are there software and instructions can I get it?

You can get the software ,contact us.

Q: Whick type computer system can run its software?

The software only support the Windows system.

Q: What's the laser's lifetime?

The laser module have over 6,000 hours lifetime.

Q: What material can it engrave?

Wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, leather, rubber.

Q: What material can it cut?

cork wood, paper, thin leather.

Q: Can I use it to cut or engrave on metal?

It can not engrave or cut on any metal.

Q: Can I regulate the laser power or the laser power is adjustable?

Sorry that the Fixed laser power is not adjustable, but the engraving speed is adjustable.

Q: How long can the machine work continuously?

It can work continuously about 45 minutes, after the laser mould cool down(about half of an hour), then start work again. Long time work continuously with shorten the laser module liftetime.

Q: When I receive it, how to let it work?

Fist of all, you need to plug the stepper motor power cable to the controller board, then installl the software and the driver, power supply the machine,that’s all.

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