WS2812B 16X16LED dot matrix flexible pixel screen 2811 built-in IC 256 pixel programmable soft color screen

Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 15.94 × 15.88 × 0.2 cm


Gray level


FPCB color



Soft copper

Beam angle


Light source

SMD 5050 RGB

Working life

>50,000 hours

Number of LEDs

16*16 256 pixels

Emission Color

Full Color (24-bit)

Standard working voltage



IP30 non-waterproof

Operating temperature


Power: 75W
Gray level: 256
FPCB color: black
Board: Soft copper
Beam angle: 120°
Light source: SMD 5050 RGB
Working life:>50,000 hours
Number of LEDs: 16*16 256 pixels
Emission Color: Full Color (24-bit)
Standard working voltage: DC 5V
Waterproof: IP30 non-waterproof
Operating temperature: -20°C~40°C
Model: WS2812B 16*16 LED Matrix Panel
IC: WS2812B (WS2811 IC with built-in RGB chip)
FPCB board size: length 16 cm, width 16 cm, thickness 0.3 cm

● With 256 LEDs, you can use more than 15A if you turn all the LEDs on white (which we really don’t recommend as we think flex PCBs can handle that much).
● Use voltage 5V DC. Anything above 5V DC will destroy it.
● Do not bend the strip sharply. Flexible PCBs are not designed for repeated bending!
● If you would like the datasheet of the WS2812B panel, please let us know and we will send it to your email.
● If you need better LED strip performance, you can use K-1000C controller or other programmable controllers.

Wide range of applications

15.94cm x 15.88cm x 0.20cm. Can be used to make LED screens, LED walls, advertising boards, and are widely used in hotels, KTVs, bars, outdoor advertising signs, Christmas or wedding party decorations, etc.