LM2577 DC-DC Digital Voltmeter Booster Module

LM2577 DC-DC Digital Voltmeter Booster Module

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Product Introduction

LM2577 DC-DC Digital Voltmeter Booster Module


With a voltage meter display, voltmeter error of ±0.1V, range 0-40V(Note: To ensure accuracy voltmeter, please ensure that the input voltage is 3V or more)

Touch the button to switch the input ot output voltage measurement, and indicator shows what is being measured voltages.

With a power-down memory function, showing that the circuit voltage value, measured for the last time after power.

Press the touch button three seconds to turn off the LED display, touch the button again to turn on the LED display.

With terminal, no iron can also be easy to use, and retention wire connection point.

Maximum output current of up to 2.5A.

LED display is red.


Module properties: non-isolated sep-up module

Input voltage: 3-34V

Output voltage: continuously adjustable(4-35V)

Output current: 2.5A(MAX)

Input current: 3A(MAX)

Module size: approx. 49*26mm

Input: IN + input positive level, In-input negative

Output: OUT + output positive level, OUT-output negative

Adjustment method: first correct the input power(3-34V, between) then multimeter to monitor and adjust the potentiometer output voltage

Output voltage: 4-35V continuously adjustable

Product size: approx. 67*37*14mm

Net weight: approx. 23g

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