20 Keys Mini Small Infrared Remote Controller 38K TV Remote Controls IR Programable Remote Control

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Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 8.6 × 4 × 0.07 cm
Feature 1

8m transmitter distance

Feature 2

smart home automation system

Feature 3

ir extender

Feature 4

wifi ir remote


The standard transmission distance when the remote controller is manufactured by the factory is 8 meters, with the store’s domestic 1838 receiving head measured by the store manager (the outdoor test at night without any obstacles in the dark environment). The remote control effective distance is greater than 8 meters, with the store’s Taiwan-made receiver head measured by the store. The effective distance of the remote control is greater than 10 meters. The actual distance when applying it depends on the sensitivity of your remote control receiver, the reliability of the circuit design, the intermediate barrier (such as the diaphragm or glass or transparent material), and the environmental factors used by the engineer. Please pay attention to these issues! The remote control uses the UPD6122 control chip NEC encoding format. Please download the user code and key values to view the data. The frequency is 38K, the size is 86 * 40 * 7mm, the transmission distance is 8 meters, CR2025 battery-powered, the key force is 200-350g, and the key life is normal. More than 200,000 times.


1. 8m transmitter distance

2. smart home automation system

3. ir extender

4 .wifi ir remote

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