42mm one function Non Touch IR Infrared LED Light Short Distance Scan Sweep Hand Sensor Switch Module

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Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 4.2 × 1.2 × 0.8 cm


Induction angle

110 degree

Sensing distance



Open and close by hand scan



Product introduction

Hand scan sensor switch, used for non-contact hand scan control of LED lights, hand scan distance up to 30~80mm, infrared mode is used to block the sensor

Product parameters

Name: Hand scan sensor switch module
Working voltage: input: 5V-24V output: equal to the input voltage
Output form: switch + indicator light
Sensing range: 30-80mm
Induction principle: infrared
Load power: 60W (MAX)
Delay off time: No, scan and turn on/off
Scope of application: DC constant voltage
Load current: resistive 3A
Standby current: 10-15mA VIN: 5-24V

Note: The controller is only used for the switch control of LED lights, and cannot be used with inductive loads (such as inductors, motors, relays, etc.)

Q: How to make sure the quality?

We have very strict tests including 100,000 switching test experiments, 100W overload power test, so we have confidence for the quality.

Q: Why the sensor performs sensitive?

We use Taiwan Yiguang Photoelectric head

Q: How many years have you exported for this products?

We have exported this products for 8 years, we have very stable customers who place order every month.