8 channel WS2812 5050 RGB LED lights built-in full color-driven development board 8 Bits

Weight 0.005 kg

● Intelligent reverse connection protection, reverse power connection will not damage the IC.
● The IC control circuit shares a power supply with the LED point source.
● The control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a 5050 package component to form a complete external control pixel.
● Built-in signal shaping circuit, after any pixel receives the signal, it is waveform-shaped and then output to ensure that the line waveform distortion will not be accumulated.
● Built-in power-on reset and power-down reset circuit.
● The three primary colors of each pixel can realize 256 levels of brightness display, complete the true color display of 16777216 colors, and the scanning frequency is not less than 400Hz/s.
● Serial cascade interface, which can receive and decode data through one signal line.
● There is no need to add any circuit when the transmission distance of any two points is less than 5 meters.
● When the refresh rate is 30 frames/second, the number of cascades is not less than 1024 points.
● Data transmission speed can reach 800Kbps.
●The color of light is highly consistent and cost-effective.

Main application areas
●LED full color luminous word light string, LED full color module, LED full color soft light strip hard light strip, LED guardrail tube.
●LED point light source, LED pixel screen, LED shaped screen, various electronic products, electrical equipment marquee.