New UNO R4 development board Minima

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Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 6.9 × 5.3 × 2 cm

ARM Cortex M4 M4


256KB Flash/32KB SRAM

Operating Voltage


Input voltage


Clock frequency


Programming port


Number I/0 interface number


PWM interface number


ADC interface number


DAC interface number


SPI interface number


I2C interface number


CAN interface number


1.TSCINBUNY UNO R4 MINIMA is basically compatible with the official UNO R4

2.UNO R4 hardware backward compatibility; UNO R4 maintains the same pin layout and 5V operating voltage as UNO R3. This means that existing expansion boards and projects can be easily ported to the new board.

3.The UNO R4 board features several exciting new peripherals, including a 12-bit DAC, CAN bus, op amp, and SWD port. These newly added peripherals expand developer possibilities, making more advanced projects possible. possible memory and faster clocks.

4.With increased storage capacity (16x) and increased clock speed (3x), UNO R4 Minima can perform more precise calculations and handle more complex projects. This enables manufacturers to build more complex and advanced projects. Human-computer interaction device communication via USB-C.

5.UNO R4 can simulate a mouse or keyboard when connected to its USB-C port, a feature that makes it easy for makers to create fast and cool interfaces.

6.TSCINBUNY UNO R4’s larger voltage range and electrical stability; the UNO R4 board can use power supplies up to 24V, thanks to its improved thermal design. Multiple protection measures are used in the circuit design to reduce the risk of damage to the board or computer caused by wiring errors by unfamiliar users. In addition, the RA4M1 microcontroller’s pins feature overcurrent protection, which provides additional protection against errors. Capacitive touch support.

7.The RA4M1 microcontroller used on the TSCIBUNY UNO R4 board natively supports capacitive touch.

8.TSCINBUNY UNO R4 MINIMA is additionally designed for makers to expand the GND and VCC corresponding to the IO port and expand the IC2 and serial communication functions accordingly. Compared with the official UNO R4 MINIMA, it is more suitable for DIY maker enthusiasts.

Product advantages:

UNO R4 has extra pins to shut down the main microcontroller while keeping the internal RTC powered by external battery Features (UNO R4 MINIMA) Powerful and affordable

UNO R4 MINIMA delivers impressive performance at a competitive price. This board is an especially affordable option and solidifies Arduino’s commitment to making high-end technology accessible.

SWD Pins for Debug The on-board SWD port provides manufacturers with a simple and reliable way to connect third-party debug probes. This feature ensures project reliability and allows efficient debugging of any potential issues.