5v Speed measuring relay module

5v Speed measuring relay module

Price: $1.88Sku: FA2086-10
Product Introduction

5v Speed measuring relay module

Product Description


1 Using imported trough type optical coupling sensor;
2 Groove width 5 mm;
3 Has a fixed bolt hole, convenient installation;
4 The dimensions of 50 x26mm, 19 mm thickness, small board PCB size: 16 x14mm.


1. The module without slot, the receiving tube conduction, relay, absorption and often start through public end, the green light is lit, shade, the relay does not work, the public end connected with the normally closed end, green light is not bright;
2 .The public side, normally open, normally closed three ports is equivalent to a double switch, relay coil electricity, public end and beginning conduction, often without electricity, public end with normally closed end conduction.

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