1 way 5V/12V infrared receiving relay driver board

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Weight 0.041 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 cm

       Module parameters

  1. module supply 12V/5V, with a shop on the remote control up to 8 meters distance, board size 20 * 50mm, height of about 20mm, panel with LED status indicators, the board with 3mm fixing screw holes for easy installation

Module Interface

  1. VIN + positive power supply 11V-12V/5V,
  2. GND- negative power supply, three intermediate output port as a public port and both sides of the composition normally open and normally closed output, relay output and input front end circuit are insulated.

     Product Features
• easy to install and use: Easy to install and use, it can be installed in a few minutes.

• complete accessories: Complete accessories, easy to install and remove, very convenient to use.

• superior performance: Superior performance, can give the best stability to the system.

• strong compatibility: The product has high compatibility and stable performance.

• perfect decoration: Perfect decoration, can perfectly fit the motor and rigorous testing.

• stable and durable: The shell is made of highquality electronic components with stable and reliable performance.

• easy installation: Easy installation, optimal replacement of old or broken one.

• strong and sturdy: Using sophisticated production technology, the relay is made of high quality alloy material with high hardness.

• reliable quality: The product adopts high quality electronic components, reliable use and long service life.

• battery operated: The battery operated starter relay is portable to carry.


This module receives the infrared remote control signal, and after driving all the way 12v microcontroller decoding original loose music relay output, load capacity relay for 250VAC-10A, 125VAC-10A, 30VDC-10A, 28VDC-10A, can drive most of the appliances or Other equipment reach remote control functions.
The receiver is a single bond or two keys directly receive infrared remote control signal, and then outputs the decoded We serve, so this receiver is provided, if not by using our single or two-button remote control are filtered without receiving no response.


  Remote control easy instructions

1. After receiving the relay module is powered default output is low
2. Press the remote control “ON” button, infrared receiver module relay output goes high, the relay remains merger; the same indicator LED lights up, then press the “ON” button, the receiver         module state is not alteration,
3. Click the remote control to “OFF” key, the relay receiver module output immediately goes low, the relay releases and remains off; the same indicator LED light goes out, then press the “OFF”       key to accept the state of the module is not then change
The entire receiver module suite working for: the remote control “ON” key control receiver module “relay energized” remote control “OFF” key control receiver module, “the release relay         (open)”