20K potentiometer 15mm shaft

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Weight 0.011 kg
Feature 1

Full resistance: 20K ohm

Feature 2

B Type Taper

Feature 3

Carbon Film

Feature 4

Shaft Length: 15mm

Feature 5

Shaft Diameter: 6mm

Feature 6

Whole Length: 25.5mm

Feature 7

Base Diameter: 16.5mm


– Full resistance: 20K ohm
– B Type Taper
– Carbon Film
– Shaft Length: 15mm
– Shaft Diameter: 6mm
– Whole Length: 25.5mm
– Base Diameter: 16.5mm
– Knurled shaft. With split shaft for push-on knob

20K Ohm 3Pin 15mm Shaft Potentiometer is used for adjusting various parameters like voltage, current, etc in an electronic circuit. This is a three-terminal variable resistor that is used to vary or change the resistance.

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